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Recoveries from fund.

Any person sustaining loss or damage, through any omission, mistake, or misfeasance of the registrar of titles, or of any examiner of titles, or of any deputy, or by the mistake or misfeasance of the clerk of the court, or any deputy, in the performance of their respective duties, under the provisions of this chapter, and any person wrongfully deprived of any land or any interest therein, through the bringing of the same, under the provisions of this chapter, or by the registration of any other person as the owner of such land, or by any mistake, omission, or misdescription in any certificate or entry, or memorial, in the register of titles, or by any cancellation, and who, by the provisions of this chapter, is barred or precluded from bringing any action for the recovery of such land, or interest therein, or claim thereon, may bring an action against the treasurer of the county in which such land is situated, for the recovery of damages to be paid out of the assurance fund.
[ 1907 c 250 § 84; RRS § 10713.]
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