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Owner's duplicate certificate.

In the event that an owner's duplicate certificate of title shall be lost, mislaid or destroyed, the owner may make affidavit of the fact before any officer authorized to administer oaths, stating, with particularly, the facts relating to such loss, mislaying or destruction, and shall file the same in the office of the registrar of titles.
Any party in interest may thereupon apply to the court, and the court shall, upon proofs of the facts set forth in the affidavits, enter an order directing the registrar of titles to make and issue a new owner's duplicate certificate, such new owner's duplicate certificate shall be printed or marked, "Certified copy of owner's duplicate certificate", and such certified copy shall stand in the place of and have like effect as the owner's duplicate certificate.
[ 1907 c 250 § 50; RRS § 10679.]
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