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Owner's certificateReceipt.

The registrar shall, at the time that he or she enters his or her original certificate of title, make an exact duplicate thereof, but putting on it the words "Owner's duplicate certificate of ownership," and deliver the same to the owner or to his or her attorney duly authorized. For the purpose of preserving evidence of the signature and handwriting of the owner in his or her office, it shall be the duty of the registrar to take from the owner, in every case where it is practicable so to do, his or her receipt for the certificate of title which shall be signed by the owner in person. Such receipt, when signed and delivered in the registrar's office, shall be witnessed by the registrar or deputy registrar. If such receipt is signed elsewhere, it shall be witnessed and acknowledged in the same manner as is now provided for the acknowledgment of deeds. When so signed, such receipt shall be prima facie evidence of the genuineness of such signature.
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