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Rights of persons not served.

Any person having an interest in or lien upon the land who has not been actually served with process or notified of the filing of the application or the pendency thereof, may at any time within ninety days after the entry of such decree, and not afterwards, appear and file his or her sworn answer to such application in like manner as hereinbefore prescribed for making answer: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That such person had no actual notice or information of the filing of such application or the pendency of the proceedings during the pendency thereof, or until within three months of the time of the filing of such answer, which facts shall be made to appear before answering by the affidavit of the person answering or the affidavit of someone in his or her behalf having knowledge of the facts, and PROVIDED, ALSO, that no innocent purchaser for value has acquired an interest. If there is any such purchaser, the decree of registration shall not be opened, but shall remain in full force and effect forever, subject only to the right of appeal hereinbefore provided; but any person aggrieved by such decree in any case may pursue his or her remedy by suit in the nature of an action of tort against the applicant or any other person for fraud in procuring the decree; and may also bring his or her action for indemnity as hereinafter provided. Upon the filing of such answer, and not less than ten days' notice having been given to the applicant, and to such other interested parties as the court may order in such manner as shall be directed by the court, the court shall proceed to review the case, and if the court is satisfied that the order or decree ought to be opened, an order shall be entered to that effect, and the court shall proceed to review the proceedings, and shall make such order in the case as shall be equitable in the premises. An appeal may be allowed in this case, as well as from all other decrees affecting any registered title within a like time, and in a like manner, as in the case of an original decree under this chapter, and not otherwise.
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