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Examination of title.

Immediately after the filing of the abstract of title, the court shall enter an order referring the application to an examiner of titles, who shall proceed to examine into the title and into the truth of the matters set forth in the application, and particularly whether the land is occupied, the nature of the occupation, if occupied, and by what right, and, also as to all judgments against the applicant or those through whom he or she claims title, which may be a lien upon the lands described in the application; he or she shall search the records and investigate all the facts brought to his or her notice, and file in the case a report thereon, including a certificate of his or her opinion upon the title. The clerk of the court shall thereupon give notice to the applicant of the filing of such report. If the opinion of the examiner is adverse to the applicant, he or she shall be allowed by the court a reasonable time in which to elect to proceed further, or to withdraw his or her application. The election shall be made in writing, and filed with the clerk of the court.
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