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Registration authorizedWho may apply.

The owner of any estate or interest in land, whether legal or equitable, except unpatented land, may apply as hereinafter provided to have the title of said land registered. The application may be made by the applicant personally, or by an agent thereunto lawfully authorized in writing, which authority shall be executed and acknowledged in the same manner and form as is now required as to a deed, and shall be recorded in the office of the county auditor in the county in which the land, or the major portion thereof, is situated before the making of the application by such agent. A corporation may apply by its authorized agent, and an infant or any other person under disability by his or her legal guardian. Joint tenants and tenants in common shall join in the application. The person in whose behalf the application is made shall be named as applicant.


Construction1907 c 250: "This act shall be construed liberally, so far as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out its general intent, which is, that any owner of land may register his title and bring his land under the provisions of this act, but no one is required so to do." [ 1907 c 250 § 97.]
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