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Disclosure of possible proximity to farm or working forest.

A seller of residential real property shall make available to the buyer the following statement: "This notice is to inform you that the real property you are considering for purchase may lie in close proximity to a farm or working forest. The operation of a farm or working forest involves usual and customary agricultural practices or forest practices, which are protected under RCW 7.48.305, the Washington right to farm act."


Findings2019 c 17: "(1) The legislature finds that maintaining the ecological and economic benefits of Washington's working forests is a critical part of planning for a fast-growing population and a changing climate. Sustainable, thriving working forests offer multiple benefits to the state, including clean water and air, fish and wildlife habitat, carbon storage, areas of open space and green amidst constant development pressures, and a strong economic base for rural jobs and statewide economic diversity.
(2) The legislature further finds that RCW 7.48.305, also known as the Washington right to farm act, provides certain protections from nuisance lawsuits arising from standard agricultural and forest practices. However, the mandatory real estate disclosure statement that provides residential home purchasers with notice of the right to farm act expressly notifies homebuyers of the law's protections for nearby agricultural operations but fails to provide that same notice for nearby forestry operations.
(3) The legislature further finds that modifying the real estate disclosure statement relating to the right to farm act to include working forests gives homebuyers a more accurate description of the effect of the right to farm act and Washington's science-based forest practices regulations that protect the state's public resources. This is important as population growth encroaches into forestland and brings residential land uses into areas historically dominated by commercial forestry." [ 2019 c 17 § 1.]
Applicability2019 c 17: "This act applies prospectively only and not retroactively. It applies only to sales of property that arise on or after January 1, 2020." [ 2019 c 17 § 3.]
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