Chapter 60.32 RCW



60.32.010Liens authorized.
60.32.020Notice of lienContentsFiling and serving.
60.32.030Manner of serving notice.
60.32.040Manner of enforcing liens.
60.32.050Receiver or assignee to pay claims first.

Liens authorized.

Every person performing labor for any person, company, or corporation, in the operation of any railway, canal, or transportation company, or any water, mining, or manufacturing company, sawmill, lumber or timber company, shall have a prior lien on the franchise, earnings, and on all the real and personal property of said person, company, or corporation, which is used in the operation of its business, to the extent of the moneys due him or her from such person, company, or corporation, operating said franchise or business, for labor performed within six months next preceding the filing of his or her claim therefor, as hereinafter provided; and no mortgage, deed of trust, or conveyance shall defeat or take precedence over said lien.

Notice of lienContentsFiling and serving.

No person shall be entitled to the lien given by RCW 60.32.010, unless he or she shall, within ninety days after he or she has ceased to perform labor for such person, company, or corporation, filed for record with the county auditor of the county in which said labor was performed, or in which is located the principal office of such person, company, or corporation in this state, a notice of claim, containing a statement of his or her demand, after deducting all just credits and offsets, the name of the person, company, or corporation, and the name of the person or persons employing claimant, if known, with the statement of the terms and conditions of his or her contract, if any, and the time he or she commenced the employment, and the date of his or her last service, and shall serve a copy thereof on said person, company, or corporation within thirty days after the same is so filed for record.
Any number of claimants may join in the same notice for the purpose of filing and enforcing their liens, but the amount claimed by each claimant shall be separately stated.

Manner of serving notice.

Service of notice, as herein required, may be made in the same manner as summons in civil actions.
[ 1897 c 43 § 3; RRS § 1151.]


Service of summons in civil actions: RCW 4.28.080.

Manner of enforcing liens.

Any such lien may be enforced within the same time and in the same manner as mechanics' liens are foreclosed.
[ 1897 c 43 § 4; RRS § 1152.]

Receiver or assignee to pay claims first.

Whenever a receiver or assignee is appointed for any person, company or corporation, the court shall require such receiver or assignee to pay all claims for which a lien could be filed under this chapter, before the payment of any other debts or claims, other than operating expenses.
[ 1897 c 43 § 5; RRS § 1153.]