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FindingIntentReasonable assurance, application to employees of educational institutions.

The legislature finds the interests of the state and its citizens are best served by a strong education system. Paramount to that system's success is the attraction and retention of qualified instructors. In order to attract and retain instructors, those who are subject to uncertainties of employment must be provided assurance that their economic needs are addressed. Contingent assurances of future employment are often speculative and do not rise to the level of other forms of assurance. As such, the factors presented in RCW 50.44.053 must be used to determine if reasonable assurance of employment exists.
It is the intent of the legislature that reasonable assurance continue to apply to all employees of educational institutions as required by federal provisions and RCW 50.44.080.


Conflict with federal requirementsApplication2018 c 97: See notes following RCW 50.44.050.
Conflict with federal requirementsSeverabilityApplicabilityEffective date2001 c 99: See notes following RCW 50.44.053.
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