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Applicability of other code provisions—Contract requirements.

The provisions of RCW 48.23.020, 48.23.030, 48.23.080 through 48.23.120, 48.23.140, 48.23.150, 48.23.200 through 48.23.240, 48.23.310, and 48.23.360, and the provisions of chapters 48.24 and 48.76 RCW are inapplicable to variable contracts. Any provision in the code requiring contracts to be participating is not applicable to variable contracts. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, all pertinent provisions of the insurance code apply to separate accounts and contracts relating thereto. Any individual variable life insurance or individual variable annuity contract delivered or issued for delivery in this state must contain grace, reinstatement, and nonforfeiture provisions appropriate to those contracts, and any variable life insurance contract must provide that the investment experience of the separate account may not operate to reduce the death benefit below an amount equal to the face amount of the contract at the time the contract was issued. Any individual variable life insurance contract may contain a provision for deduction from the death proceeds of amounts of due and unpaid premiums or of indebtedness which are appropriate to that contract. The reserve liability for variable annuities must be established in accordance with actuarial procedures that recognize the variable nature of the benefits provided and any mortality guarantees.
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