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Requirements for operation under this chapterConsiderationsAuthorization of subsidiary or affiliateExceptions.

No insurer shall deliver or issue, for delivery within this state, contracts under this chapter unless it is licensed or organized to do a life insurance or annuity business in this state, and unless the commissioner is satisfied that its condition or method of operation in connection with the issuance of such contracts will not render its operation hazardous to the public or its policyholders in this state. In this connection, the commissioner shall consider among other things:
(1) The history and financial condition of the insurer;
(2) The character, responsibility and fitness of the officers and directors of the insurer; and
(3) The law and regulation under which the insurer is authorized in the state of domicile to issue variable contracts.
An insurer which issues variable contracts and which is a subsidiary of, or affiliated through common management or ownership with, another life insurer authorized to do business in this state may be deemed to have met the provisions of this section if either it or the parent or affiliated company meets the requirements hereof: PROVIDED, That no insurer may provide variable benefits in its contracts unless it is an admitted insurer having and continually maintaining a combined capital and surplus of at least five million dollars.


Severability1982 c 181: See note following RCW 48.03.010.
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