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Model statistical reporting standardsReport to legislature.

(1) If the national association of insurance commissioners adopts revised model statistical reporting standards for medical malpractice insurance, the commissioner must analyze the new reporting standards and report this information to the legislature, as follows:
(a) An analysis of any differences between the model reporting standards and:
(i) RCW 48.140.010 through 48.140.060; and
(ii) Any statistical plans that the commissioner has adopted under RCW 48.19.370; and
(b) Recommendations, if any, about legislative changes necessary to implement the model reporting standards.
(2) The commissioner must submit the report required under subsection (1) of this section to the following legislative committees by the first day of December in the year after the national association of insurance commissioners adopts new model medical malpractice reporting standards:
(a) The house of representatives committees on health care; financial institutions and insurance; and judiciary; and
(b) The senate committees on health and long-term care; financial institutions, housing and consumer protection; and judiciary.
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