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Tire chain installation and removal.

The department may issue written permits authorizing permittees to install or remove tire chains on motor vehicles with the following conditions:
(1) Chains may only be installed or removed at locations designated in the permit;
(2) Permittees must comply with terms and conditions in the permit relating to the safe and orderly movement of traffic; and
(3) Permittees may charge a fee to drivers for their services.
The department may issue sufficient permits for the installation or removal of tire chains that it finds necessary or desirable to accommodate the demand for those services consistent with the maximum convenience and safety to traffic. In issuing the permits, the department shall insure that the maximum practicable number of different individuals and entities receive permits, and that no one entity, to the extent practicable, is the sole permit holder for a particular location. The department may charge a fee no greater than fifty dollars to permittees for the issuance of permits. The department, in issuing a permit for the installation or removal of tire chains, assumes no responsibility for the actions, inactions, competence, or reliability of the permittee in performing those services and shall not be liable for the damages relating to acts or omissions of the permittees. The department shall adopt rules to implement this section, including requiring permittees to wear reflective clothing and use appropriate signage.
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