Chapter 47.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.04.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 47.04.015Change of meaning, certain terms.
HTMLPDF 47.04.020Classification of highways.
HTMLPDF 47.04.035Street accessPrinciples of complete streetsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 47.04.040Title to rights-of-way vested in state.
HTMLPDF 47.04.045Wireless service facilitiesRight-of-way leasesRules.
HTMLPDF 47.04.046Wireless site leasesPending applications.
HTMLPDF 47.04.047Personal wireless service facilities.
HTMLPDF 47.04.050Acceptance of federal acts.
HTMLPDF 47.04.060Administration of federal grants.
HTMLPDF 47.04.070Conformity with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 47.04.080Joint action with other governments and agencies.
HTMLPDF 47.04.081Urban public transportation systemsParticipation in planning, development, and establishment.
HTMLPDF 47.04.082Urban public transportation systemsDefined.
HTMLPDF 47.04.083Urban public transportation systemsDeclaration of public policyUse of motor vehicle, city street, or county road funds.
HTMLPDF 47.04.090Penalty.
HTMLPDF 47.04.095Bridge jumping hazard signs.
HTMLPDF 47.04.100Temporary route pending construction of new highwayStreets, roads not to be maintained as.
HTMLPDF 47.04.125Collection of preservation rating information for highways.
HTMLPDF 47.04.140Counties obtaining federal aid for construction, reconstruction, etc., of ferry boats or approaches.
HTMLPDF 47.04.150Outstanding bondsSavings.
HTMLPDF 47.04.160Lewis and Clark bridge.
HTMLPDF 47.04.170Federal agreements for public transportation, rail transportation.
HTMLPDF 47.04.180Twenty-four hour headlight policy.
HTMLPDF 47.04.190Bicycle transportation management program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.200Bicycle program manager.
HTMLPDF 47.04.210Reimbursable transportation expendituresProcessing and accounting.
HTMLPDF 47.04.220Miscellaneous transportation programs account.
HTMLPDF 47.04.230Dredge spoilsCowlitz County.
HTMLPDF 47.04.235Dredge spoilsCastle Rock.
HTMLPDF 47.04.240Public transportation informationConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 47.04.250Assaults by motorists on department employees.
HTMLPDF 47.04.260Latecomer fees.
HTMLPDF 47.04.270Tire chain installation and removal.
HTMLPDF 47.04.280Transportation system policy goals.
HTMLPDF 47.04.285Review of and comment on state transportation policy goals by office of financial managementBiennial report.
HTMLPDF 47.04.290Park and ride lot accommodationDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 47.04.295Park and ride lotsLeases with private entities authorizedRules.
HTMLPDF 47.04.300Safe routes to school program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.310Rental car company feesChild restraint system availability.
HTMLPDF 47.04.320Complete streets grant programPurposeGoalsAwardsReport.
HTMLPDF 47.04.325Complete streets grant programAccountSolicitation and receipt of gifts.
HTMLPDF 47.04.330Street projectsConsultation with local jurisdictionsContext sensitive design solutions.
HTMLPDF 47.04.340Accommodation of private transportation vehicle use of high occupancy vehicle lanes in highway design.
HTMLPDF 47.04.350Alternative fuel vehicle charging and refueling infrastructure programBid proposal requirements, evaluation, financingWorkshopsRules.
HTMLPDF 47.04.355Clean alternative fuel car sharing pilot program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.360Commercial advertising on websites and social media.
HTMLPDF 47.04.370Purple heart stateSignageAccount.
HTMLPDF 47.04.380Sandy Williams connecting communities program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.390Statewide school-based bicycle education grant program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.400Amtrak fare policy change requestReport.
HTMLPDF 47.04.410Reducing rural roadway departures program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.420Railroad crossing grant program.
HTMLPDF 47.04.430Bicyclist and pedestrian grant program.


Mobile home or park model trailer movement permits and decals: RCW 46.44.170, 46.44.175.