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Dredge spoilsCastle Rock.

The legislature finds and declares that the December 20, 1993, Washington state conveyance of the Mt. St. Helens recovery program, CR601F site, to the city of Castle Rock, should be amended to enable the city to use dredge spoil revenues for recreational purposes adjacent to the Cowlitz river in the city limits of Castle Rock, and also those other properties owned by the city of Castle Rock that are adjacent to the Cowlitz river.
The legislature further declares that the department of transportation shall execute sufficient legal release to accomplish the following:
(1) Dredge spoil revenues from the CR601F site must be dedicated for recreational facilities and recreational administration cost throughout the defined area listed above;
(2) Any mining excavation must meet the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act of 1971 as identified in chapter 90.58 RCW;
(3) All other requirements in the December 20, 1993, conveyance between the state of Washington and the city of Castle Rock will remain in effect; and
(4) The CR601F site remains subject to any agreements with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies of the federal government.
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