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Negative file.

(1) The department shall maintain a negative file. It shall contain negatives of all pictures taken by the department of licensing as authorized by this chapter. Negatives in the file shall not be available for public inspection and copying under chapter 42.56 RCW.
(2) The department may make the file available to official governmental enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation by the agencies of suspected criminal activity or for the purposes of verifying identity when a law enforcement officer is authorized by law to request identification from an individual.
(3) The department shall make the file available to the office of the secretary of state, at the expense of the secretary of state, to assist in maintenance of the statewide voter registration database.
(4) The department may also provide a print to the driver's next of kin in the event the driver is deceased.
(5) The department shall make the file available to the county coroner or medical examiner for the purpose of identifying a deceased person.


FindingIntent2021 c 122: See note following RCW 2.32.050.
Effective date2005 c 246: See note following RCW 10.64.140.
Purpose1969 ex.s. c 155: "The identification of the injured or the seriously ill is often difficult. The need for an identification file to facilitate use by proper law enforcement officers has hampered law enforcement. Personal identification for criminal, personal and commercial reasons is becoming most important at a time when it is increasingly difficult to accomplish. The legislature finds that the public health and welfare requires a standard and readily recognizable means of identification of each person living within the state. The legislature further finds that the need for an identification file by law enforcement agencies must be met. The use of photographic drivers' licenses will greatly aid the problem, but some means of identification must be provided for persons who do not possess a driver's license. The purpose of this 1969 amendatory act is to provide for the positive identification of persons, both through an expanded use of drivers' licenses and also through issue of personal identification cards for nondrivers." [ 1969 ex.s. c 155 s 1.]
Effective date1969 ex.s. c 155: "This 1969 amendatory act shall take effect September 1, 1969." [ 1969 ex.s. c 155 s 7.]
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