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Matching grantsEligibilityTransmittal to grant review committee for consideration. (Expires July 1, 2022.)

(1) To be considered for a matching grant, an eligible applicant must include, at a minimum, the following information in its application:
(a) A description of how the matching grant will be used to provide outreach, education, and recruitment for training programs;
(b) A description of the training programs the applicant plans to promote, the particular skills taught by that training program, and the number of years the training program has been in operation;
(c) Past, current, and projected enrollment in the training program the applicant plans to promote and the estimated increases in enrollment, if the training program has been in existence;
(d) If the applicant is promoting an existing training program, a comparison of the number of participants who enroll in the training program and the number of participants who complete the program over a five-year period, if available;
(e) Specific industry needs or gaps in the workforce that the training program will or does address;
(f) A description of intended or existing partnerships with industry members, including those where training program participants will have the opportunity to earn income or credit hours;
(g) Costs or the anticipated costs to implement the skilled worker awareness program;
(h) Resources that the eligible applicant will commit in matching dollars and, if the applicant already has a skilled worker awareness program, existing resources that the applicant has invested in recruiting, outreach, and funding of its skilled worker awareness program; and
(i) Any other information the department requires.
(2) Upon receipt of an application that satisfies the requirements in this section, the department must send the application to the grant review committee for its consideration.
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