Chapter 36.64 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.64.010Joint courthouse and city hall.
HTMLPDF 36.64.020Joint courthouse and city hallTerms of contract.
HTMLPDF 36.64.030Joint courthouse and city hallApproval of contract.
HTMLPDF 36.64.040Joint courthouse and city hallFunds, how provided.
HTMLPDF 36.64.050Joint armory sites.
HTMLPDF 36.64.060Joint canal construction.
HTMLPDF 36.64.070Counties with populations of two hundred ten thousand or moreContracts with cities concerning buildings and related improvements.
HTMLPDF 36.64.080Conferences to study regional and governmental problemsCounties and cities may establishSubjectsRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 36.64.090Conferences to study regional and governmental problemsArticlesOfficersAgents and employees.
HTMLPDF 36.64.100Conferences to study regional and governmental problemsContracts with other governmental agenciesGrants and giftsConsultants.
HTMLPDF 36.64.110Conferences to study regional and governmental problemsPublic purposeContributions to support by municipal corporations.


Care, support, and relief of needy persons: RCW 74.04.040.
Cemetery facilities as: RCW 68.52.192, 68.52.193.
Cities and towns
agreements with county for planning, establishing, construction, and maintenance of streets: Chapter 35.77 RCW.
city may contribute to support of county in which city owned utility plant located: RCW 35.21.420.
community renewal: RCW 35.21.660, 35.81.130.
Combined city-county health departments: Chapter 70.08 RCW.
County and city tuberculosis hospitals: Chapter 70.30 RCW.
County public works project, department of transportation cooperation: RCW 47.08.070.
County roads: RCW 47.04.080.
County superintendent of schools, consolidation of office into joint county district: Chapter 28A.310 RCW.
Diking and drainage, intercounty districts: Chapter 85.24 RCW.
Elevators, escalators, like conveyances, municipal governing over: RCW 70.87.050.
Executory conditional sales contracts for purchase of property for park and library purposes: RCW 39.30.010.
Fire protection districts, county contracts with: RCW 52.12.031.
Flood control
by counties jointly: Chapter 86.13 RCW.
county participation with flood control district: RCW 86.24.040.
county participation with state and federal governments: Chapter 86.24 RCW.
districts (1937 act): Chapter 86.09 RCW.
maintenance, county participation with state: Chapter 86.26 RCW.
Franchises across joint bridges: RCW 47.56.256.
Health districts as: Chapter 70.46 RCW.
Highways, construction, benefit of, cooperative agreements, prevention or minimization of flood damages: RCW 47.28.140.
Housing authorities, cooperation between: RCW 35.82.100.
Housing cooperation law: Chapter 35.83 RCW.
Intercounty rural library districts: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
Intercounty weed districts: Chapter 17.06 RCW.
Intergovernmental disposition of property: RCW 39.33.010.
Interlocal cooperation act: Chapter 39.34 RCW.
Joint aid river and harbor improvements: RCW 88.32.230, 88.32.235.
Joint county teachers' institutes: Chapter 28A.415 RCW.
Joint hospitals: RCW 36.62.030.
Joint operations by political subdivisions, deposit and control of funds: RCW 43.09.285.
Joint planning for improvement of navigable stream: RCW 88.32.240, 88.32.250.
Limited access facilities, cooperative agreements: RCW 47.52.090.
Metropolitan municipal corporations: Chapter 35.58 RCW.
Mosquito control
districts: Chapter 17.28 RCW.
generally: Chapter 70.22 RCW.
Motor vehicles, removal of when disabled and impounding: RCW 46.55.113.
Municipal airports: Chapters 14.07 and 14.08 RCW.
Operating agencies (electricity, water resources): Chapter 43.52 RCW.
Pesticide application, agreements authorized: RCW 17.21.300.
Port districts
contracts with: RCW 53.08.240.
ownership of improvements by with county: RCW 53.20.030.
Public assistance, joint county administration: RCW 74.04.180.
Public health pooling fund: RCW 70.12.030 through 70.12.070.
Reclamation districts of one million acres: Chapter 89.30 RCW.
Regional libraries: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
Regional planning commission: RCW 35.63.070.
River and harbor improvements by counties jointly: RCW 88.32.180 through 88.32.220.
Roads and bridges, limited access facilities: Chapter 47.52 RCW.
Soil and water conservation districts, county cooperation with: RCW 89.08.341.
Taxes, property
collection of: Chapter 84.56 RCW.
revaluation program: Chapter 84.41 RCW.
Toll bridges
state boundary, county participation: RCW 47.56.042.
tunnels and ferries: Chapter 47.56 RCW.
Traffic schools: Chapter 46.83 RCW.
Transfer of real property or contract for use for park and recreational purposes: RCW 39.33.060.
Washington clean air act: Chapter 70A.15 RCW.
World fair or exposition participation: Chapter 35.60 RCW.