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Minimum requirements.

A community for which a community council is created may include only unincorporated territory located in a single county with a population of over thirty thousand that is made up entirely of islands and not included within a city or town. A community council must have at least one thousand persons residing within the community when the community council is created or, where the community only includes an entire island, at least three hundred persons must reside on the island when the community council is created. Any portion of such a community that is annexed by a city or town, or is incorporated as a city or town, shall be removed from the community upon the effective date of the annexation or the official date of the incorporation.


Reviser's note: As to the constitutionality of this section, see Island Cty. v. State, 135 Wn.2d 141, 955 P.2d 377 (1998).
PurposeCaptions not law1991 c 363: See notes following RCW 2.32.180.
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