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Council meetings.

The city council and mayor shall meet regularly, at least once a month, at a place and at such times as may be designated by the city council. All final actions on resolutions and ordinances must take place within the corporate limits of the city. Special meetings may be called by the mayor or any three members of the council by written notice delivered to each member of the council at least twenty-four hours before the time specified for the proposed meeting. All actions that have heretofore been taken at special council meetings held pursuant to this section, but for which the number of hours of notice given has been at variance with requirements of RCW 42.30.080, are hereby validated. All council meetings shall be open to the public except as permitted by chapter 42.30 RCW. No ordinance or resolution shall be passed, or contract let or entered into, or bill for the payment of money allowed at any meeting not open to the public, nor at any public meeting the date of which is not fixed by ordinance, resolution, or rule, unless public notice of such meeting has been given by such notice to each local newspaper of general circulation and to each local radio or television station, as provided in RCW 42.30.080 as now or hereafter amended. Meetings of the council shall be presided over by the mayor, if present, or otherwise by the mayor pro tempore, or deputy mayor if one has been appointed, or by a member of the council selected by a majority of the councilmembers at such meeting. Appointment of a councilmember to preside over the meeting shall not in any way abridge his or her right to vote on matters coming before the council at such meeting. In the absence of the clerk, a deputy clerk or other qualified person appointed by the clerk, the mayor, or the council, may perform the duties of clerk at such meeting. A journal of all proceedings shall be kept, which shall be a public record.


Severability1979 ex.s. c 18: See note following RCW 35A.01.070.
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