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Notice of intention to remove or prohibit participation in conduct of affairsHearingOrder.

(1) A notice pursuant to RCW 30B.10.080 or 30B.10.190 shall:
(a) Contain a statement of the facts that constitute grounds for removal or prohibition; and
(b) Set a time and place at which a hearing will be held.
(2) The hearing shall be set not earlier than ten days or later than thirty days after the date of service of the notice unless an earlier or later date is set by the director at the request of the board trustee or director, officer, or employee for good cause shown or at the request of the attorney general of the state.
(3) Unless the respondent appears at the hearing personally or by a representative authorized under WAC 208-08-030, the respondent shall be deemed to have consented to the issuance of an order of removal or prohibition or both. In the event of such consent or if upon the record made at the hearing the director finds that any of the grounds specified in the notice have been established, the director may issue such order of removal or prohibition from participation in the conduct of the affairs of the state trust company, out-of-state trust company doing business in Washington state, or affiliate, as the director may consider appropriate.
(4) Any order under this section shall become effective at the expiration of ten days after service upon the respondent, except that an order issued upon consent shall become effective at the time specified in the order.
(5) An order shall remain effective except to the extent it is stayed, modified, terminated, or set aside by the director or a reviewing court.
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