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(1) The hearing shall be held not earlier than ten days or later than thirty days after service of the notice set forth in RCW 30B.10.150, unless a later date is set by the director for good cause as requested by the respondent.
(2) Unless the respondent appears at the hearing set forth in subsection (1) of this section, a default order granting any of the remedies or sanctions set forth in the notice and statement of charges may be issued by the presiding officer, consistent with RCW 34.05.440(2).
(3) A respondent may file with the presiding officer, within seven days of service of the default order, a motion to set aside a default order consistent with RCW 34.05.440(3). If the presiding officer does not issue a ruling within five business days of the motion being filed, then the motion to set aside is denied.
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