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Scope of chapterRemedies.

(1) This chapter sets forth the authority of the department to supervise and examine state trust institutions and to seek adjudicative enforcement remedies against persons, and their affiliates, officers, directors, managers, employees, and agents, engaged in authorized or nonauthorized and nonexempt trust business in Washington state.
(2) None of the provisions in this chapter shall be deemed to be an exclusive remedy of the department, and the department may, as applicable, exercise other remedies set forth elsewhere in this title and in other Washington law including, without limitation:
(a) The issuance of a supervisory directive, nonadjudicative corrective action order, or nonadjudicative order of conservatorship pursuant to chapter 30B.46 RCW; and
(b) The issuance of nonadjudicative orders for involuntary dissolution and liquidation of a state trust company pursuant to chapter 30B.44B RCW.
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