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Required action plansApproval or nonapproval by state board of educationResubmission or reconsiderationImplementation.

A required action plan developed by a district's school board and superintendent must be submitted to the state board of education for approval. The state board must accept for inclusion in any required action plan the final decision by the superior court on any issue certified by the executive director of the public employment relations commission under the process in RCW 28A.657.050. The state board of education shall approve a plan proposed by a school district only if the plan meets the requirements in RCW 28A.657.050 and provides sufficient remedies to address the findings in the academic performance audit to improve student achievement. Any addendum or modification to an existing collective bargaining agreement, negotiated under RCW 28A.657.050 or by agreement of the district and the exclusive bargaining unit, related to student achievement or school improvement shall not go into effect until approval of a required action plan by the state board of education. If the state board does not approve a proposed plan, it must notify the local school board and local district's superintendent in writing with an explicit rationale for why the plan was not approved. Nonapproval by the state board of education of the local school district's initial required action plan submitted is not intended to trigger any actions under RCW 28A.657.080. With the assistance of the office of the superintendent of public instruction, the superintendent and school board of the required action district shall either: (1) Submit a new plan to the state board of education for approval within forty days of notification that its plan was rejected, or (2) submit a request to the required action plan review panel established under RCW 28A.657.070 for reconsideration of the state board's rejection within ten days of the notification that the plan was rejected. If federal or state funds for school improvement are not available, the plan is not required to be implemented until such funding becomes available. If federal or state funds for this purpose are available, a required action plan must be implemented in the immediate school year following the district's designation as a required action district.


Finding2010 c 235: See note following RCW 28A.405.245.
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