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Warehouse receiptsForms, numbering, printing, bondCompliance with Article 7 of Title 62A RCWConfiscation.

(1) All warehouse receipts issued under this chapter shall be upon forms prescribed by the department and supplied only to licensed warehouse operators at cost of printing, packing, and shipping, as determined by the department. They shall contain the state number of such license and shall be numbered serially for each state number and the original negotiable receipts shall bear the state seal. Requests for such receipts shall be on forms furnished by the department and shall be accompanied by payment to cover cost: PROVIDED, That the department by order may allow a warehouse operator to have his or her individual warehouse receipts printed, after the form of the receipt is approved as in compliance with this chapter, and the warehouse operator's printer shall supply an affidavit stating the amount of receipts printed, numbers thereof: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the warehouse operator must supply a bond in an amount fixed by the department and not to exceed five thousand dollars to cover any loss resulting from the unlawful use of any such receipts.
(2) All warehouse receipts shall comply with the provisions of Article 7 of Title 62A RCW as enacted or hereafter amended, except as to the variety of wheat as set forth in RCW 22.09.290(1)(b) herein, and with the provisions of this chapter where not inconsistent or in conflict with Article 7 of Title 62A RCW. All receipts remaining unused shall be confiscated by the department if the license required herein is not promptly renewed or is suspended, revoked, or canceled.
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