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Greenhouse gas content calculation.

(1) Each electric utility must provide to the department, in the case of a consumer-owned utility, or to the commission, in the case of an investor-owned utility, its greenhouse gas content calculation in conformance with this section. A utility's greenhouse gas content calculation must be based on the fuel sources that it reports and discloses in compliance with chapter 19.29A RCW. An investor-owned utility must also report the information required in this subsection to the department.
(2) For unspecified electricity, the utility must use an emissions rate determined, and periodically updated, by the department of ecology by rule. The department of ecology must adopt an emissions rate for unspecified electricity consistent with the emissions rate established for other markets in the western interconnection. If the department of ecology has not adopted an emissions rate for unspecified electricity, the emissions rate that applies for the purposes of this chapter is 0.437 metric tons of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour of electricity.
(3) For the purposes of chapter 288, Laws of 2019, the fuel mix calculated for the Bonneville power administration may exclude any purchases of electric generation that are not associated with load in the state of Washington.
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