Registration requiredRequirements. (Effective until January 1, 2022.)

(1) Any radiology benefit manager that is owned by a carrier as defined in RCW 48.43.005 or acts as a subcontractor for a carrier must be registered with the department of revenue's business licensing service and annually renew the registration.
(2)(a) For purposes of this section, a "radiology benefit manager" means a person that contracts with, or is owned by, a carrier or a third-party payor to:
(i) Process claims for services and procedures performed by a licensed radiologist or advanced diagnostic imaging service provider; or
(ii) Pay or authorize payment to radiology clinics, radiologists, or advanced diagnostic imaging service providers for services or procedures;
(b) "Radiology benefit manager" does not include a health care service contractor as defined in RCW 48.44.010, a health maintenance organization as defined in RCW 48.46.020, or an issuer as defined in RCW 48.01.053.
(3) To register under this section, a radiology benefit manager must:
(a) Submit an application requiring the following information:
(i) The identity of the radiology benefit manager;
(ii) The name, business address, phone number, and medical director for the radiology benefit manager; and
(iii) Where applicable, the federal tax employer identification number for the entity; and
(b) Pay a registration fee of two hundred dollars.
(4) To renew a registration under this section, a radiology benefit manager must pay a renewal fee of two hundred dollars.
(5) All receipts from registrations and renewals collected by the department of revenue must be deposited into the business license account created in RCW 19.02.210.
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