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SubscribersRepresentations and duties upon acceptance of certificate.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1908.SL) ***
(1) By accepting a certificate issued by a licensed certification authority, the subscriber listed in the certificate certifies to all who reasonably rely on the information contained in the certificate that:
(a) The subscriber rightfully holds the private key corresponding to the public key listed in the certificate;
(b) All representations made by the subscriber to the certification authority and material to the information listed in the certificate are true; and
(c) All material representations made by the subscriber to a certification authority or made in the certificate and not confirmed by the certification authority in issuing the certificate are true.
(2) By requesting on behalf of a principal the issuance of a certificate naming the principal as subscriber, the requesting person certifies in that person's own right to all who reasonably rely on the information contained in the certificate that the requesting person:
(a) Holds all authority legally required to apply for issuance of a certificate naming the principal as subscriber; and
(b) Has authority to sign digitally on behalf of the principal, and, if that authority is limited in any way, adequate safeguards exist to prevent a digital signature exceeding the bounds of the person's authority.
(3) No person may disclaim or contractually limit the application of this section, nor obtain indemnity for its effects, if the disclaimer, limitation, or indemnity restricts liability for misrepresentation as against persons reasonably relying on the certificate.
(4) By accepting a certificate, a subscriber undertakes to indemnify the issuing certification authority for loss or damage caused by issuance or publication of a certificate in reliance on:
(a) A false and material representation of fact by the subscriber; or
(b) The failure by the subscriber to disclose a material fact;
if the representation or failure to disclose was made either with intent to deceive the certification authority or a person relying on the certificate, or with negligence. If the certification authority issued the certificate at the request of one or more agents of the subscriber, the agent or agents personally undertake to indemnify the certification authority under this subsection, as if they were accepting subscribers in their own right. The indemnity provided in this section may not be disclaimed or contractually limited in scope. However, a contract may provide consistent, additional terms regarding the indemnification.
(5) In obtaining information of the subscriber material to issuance of a certificate, the certification authority may require the subscriber to certify the accuracy of relevant information under oath or affirmation of truthfulness and under penalty of perjury.
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