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Intent2010 c 286.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1865-S.SL) ***
The legislature intends to recognize that acupuncturists licensed by the state of Washington engage in a system of medicine to maintain and promote wellness and to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease drawing upon the experience, learning, and traditions originating in East Asia, which include more than acupuncture alone. To reflect this reality, the legislature intends to change the state's professional designation of acupuncturists to East Asian medicine practitioners and to incorporate current statutory provisions governing acupuncture, while recognizing treatments, methods, and techniques used in East Asian medicine. The legislature does not intend to require persons licensed under chapter 286, Laws of 2010 to change the business name of their practice if otherwise in compliance with chapter 286, Laws of 2010. It is further the intent that any federal law, regulation, or health insurance program applicable to licensed acupuncturists apply to persons licensed under chapter 286, Laws of 2010 as East Asian medicine practitioners.
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