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Popcorn sold in theaters or commercial food establishments.

(1) Theaters and other commercial food establishments that prepare and sell popcorn for human consumption must post a sign in a conspicuous location identifying whether butter or butter-like flavoring added to or attributed to the popcorn offered for sale is butter or some other product. If another product, the sign must also disclose the ingredients of the product.
(2) Popcorn sold or offered for sale in violation of this section and rules adopted by the department prescribing the size and content of the sign is misbranded for the purposes of this chapter.
(3) This provision does not apply to prepackaged popcorn labeled in compliance with applicable law.
(4) "Butter," as used in this section, means the food product usually known as butter and made exclusively from milk or cream, or both with or without common salt, and with or without additional coloring matter, and containing not less than eighty percent by weight of milkfat, all tolerance having been allowed for.
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