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Perishable packaged foodPull dates.

(1) All perishable packaged foods in intrastate commerce with a projected shelf life of thirty days or less must state a pull date on the package.
(2) The pull date must be stated by month and day and be in a style and format that is readily decipherable by consumers.
(3) A person may not offer perishable packaged food for sale after the pull date, except that if clearly identified as past the pull date, packaged perishable food with an expired pull date may be sold if still wholesome and without danger to health.
(4) A person may not rewrap or repackage perishable packaged food with the intention of providing a pull date different from the original.
(5) The department may exclude the monthly requirement from the pull date for perishable packaged food with a shelf life of seven days or less.
(6) The department must consult with the secretary of the department of health when appropriate in adopting rules to establish uniform standards for pull date labeling and optimum storage conditions for perishable packaged food.
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