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Notice of hearingServiceAdjournments.

A notice containing a description of the premises, stating the objects and purposes of the petition and the time and place of presentation of the petition to the court, shall be served upon every person named as interested in the premises at least five days prior to the time of presentation. Service of the notice shall be as nearly as possible in the manner provided by law for service of summons in a civil action, except that if service is had by publication the period of publication shall be two weekly publications in a newspaper published or of general circulation in the county, and the service shall be deemed completed on the expiration of fifteen days after the date of the first publication.
Proof of service may be made by affidavit of the person serving or publishing the notice and shall be filed with the clerk of the court on or before the time of presentation of the petition.
On application of any party or its own motion the court may adjourn the hearing from time to time, and may order new or further notice to be given any person whose interest may be affected.
[ 1961 c 11 s 15.08.200. Prior: (i) 1941 c 20 s 9; 1937 c 71 s 2; Rem. Supp. s2849-2. (ii) 1937 c 71 s 3; RRS s 2849-3.]
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