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Report of inspectionNuisance abatement.

Said board shall make a written report to the inspector-at-large of its findings, signed under oath by a majority of its members and stating:
(1) Whether said premises or a part thereof are infested,
(2) If infested, the nature and extent of infestation, and
(3) Whether the infestation constitutes a nuisance. If the report shows the premises infested and constituting a nuisance, it and the findings of the inspector, shall be transmitted forthwith to the prosecuting attorney of the county. Within five days the prosecuting attorney shall file in the superior court a petition, signed and verified by him or her, describing the premises or property, giving the names of the owners, encumbrancers and other persons interested therein, as ascertained from the county records, containing a recital of the proceedings taken under RCW 15.08.050, 15.08.060, 15.08.070, 15.08.080, 15.08.090, and 15.08.180, and praying for an order declaring the premises or property to be a nuisance. Said report of the inspection board shall be attached to the petition as an exhibit and made a part thereof.
[ 2010 c 8 § 6015; 1961 c 11 § 15.08.190. Prior: 1941 c 20 §§ 6, 7, part, 8; Rem. Supp. §§ 2849-1f, 2849-1g, part, 2849-1h.]
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