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Duty to disinfect, destroyDisposal of cuttings.

It is the duty of every owner, shipper, consignee, or other person in charge of fruits, vegetables, or nursery stock, and the owner, lessee, or occupant of horticultural premises, to use sufficient methods of prevention to keep said properties free from infection by pests or disease. In event any of said properties become infected it is the duty of said persons to use effective methods to control or destroy the infection by disinfection as in this chapter defined. All fruits, vegetables and nursery stock which cannot be successfully disinfected shall be promptly destroyed.
In counties where black stem rust infection occurs every owner or person in charge of premises on which barberry bushes of the rust-producing varieties are growing shall forthwith destroy such bushes.
Within forty-eight hours after removal of any cuttings or prunings from bacterially infected trees or plants infected with fruit tree leaf roller egg clusters the person removing same shall disinfect or destroy them by burning or scorching.
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