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Disinfection of fruit treesProcedures to be followed.

The method for disinfecting fruit trees required to be disinfected under the provisions of this chapter shall be as prescribed in the official published recommendations of the Washington State University for the proper prevention, control and eradication of pests and diseases of fruit trees.
Whenever specific recommendations for disinfecting fruit trees are not set forth in the official published recommendations of the Washington State University, the generally accepted horticultural practices for the prevention, control and eradication of any pests and diseases in the producing area shall be used.
The burden of proving that the proper procedures as set forth in this section have been followed shall be upon the person ordered to disinfect fruit trees.
The disinfection of fruit trees as in this section set forth shall in no way limit the authority of the inspection board to determine that such fruit trees constitute a nuisance and thus shall be subject to removal as provided for in this chapter.


Severability1981 c 296: See note following RCW 15.08.010.
Purpose1965 c 27: "The production of tree fruits in the state of Washington is a major agricultural industry promoting the general economic welfare of the state and beneficial to the health of the public. The proper maintenance of fruit tree orchards to insure the continued and increased benefits to the health and welfare of the state makes it necessary to prevent, eradicate and control any pests or diseases which are or may be injurious to such fruit trees and the produce therefrom. Such prevention, eradication and control of pests and diseases which are or may be injurious to fruit trees and their crops may require chemical or biological control or removal of host trees which may be hosts and breeding places for such diseases and pests. The provisions of this act are adopted under the police power of the state for the purpose of protecting its health and general welfare, presently and in the future." [ 1965 c 27 § 1.]
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