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To entitle a defendant to any setoff he or she may have against the plaintiff, he or she must allege the same in his or her answer; and the statutes regulating setoffs in the superior court, shall in all respects be applicable to a setoff in a justice's court, if the amount claimed to be setoff, after deducting the amount found due to the plaintiff, be within the jurisdiction of the justice of the peace; judgment may, in like manner, be rendered by the justice in favor of the defendant, for the balance found due the plaintiff.
[ 2010 c 8 § 3024; Code 1881 § 1767; 1873 p 346 § 66; 1854 p 232 § 54; RRS § 1789.]


Reviser's note: Justices of the peace and courts to be construed to mean district judges and courts: See RCW 3.30.015.
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