Chapter 12.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 12.08.010When pleadings take place.
HTMLPDF 12.08.020What constitute pleadings.
HTMLPDF 12.08.030Pleadings oral or written.
HTMLPDF 12.08.040Docketing or filing.
HTMLPDF 12.08.050Denial of knowledge or informationEffect.
HTMLPDF 12.08.060Pleading account or instrument.
HTMLPDF 12.08.070Verification.
HTMLPDF 12.08.080Uncontroverted allegationsEffect.
HTMLPDF 12.08.090Objections to pleadingsAmendment.
HTMLPDF 12.08.100Variance between pleading and proof.
HTMLPDF 12.08.110AmendmentsContinuance.
HTMLPDF 12.08.120SetoffPleading.