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Petition for order after appointment.

An individual subject to conservatorship or a person interested in the welfare of the individual may petition for an order:
(1) Requiring the conservator to furnish a bond or collateral or additional bond or collateral or allowing a reduction in a bond or collateral previously furnished;
(2) Requiring an accounting for the administration of the conservatorship estate;
(3) Directing distribution;
(4) Removing the conservator and appointing a temporary or successor conservator;
(5) Modifying the type of appointment or powers granted to the conservator, if the extent of protection or management previously granted is excessive or insufficient to meet the individual's needs, including because the individual's abilities or supports have changed;
(6) Rejecting or modifying the conservator's plan under RCW 11.130.510, the conservator's inventory under RCW 11.130.515, or the conservator's report under RCW 11.130.530; or
(7) Granting other appropriate relief.
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