Chapter 11.130 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.130.001Intent.
HTMLPDF 11.130.005Short title.
HTMLPDF 11.130.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.130.015Supplemental principles of law and equity applicable.
HTMLPDF 11.130.020Subject matter jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 11.130.025Transfer of proceeding.
HTMLPDF 11.130.030Venue.
HTMLPDF 11.130.035Practice in court.
HTMLPDF 11.130.037Presumption of legal capacity.
HTMLPDF 11.130.040Letters of office.
HTMLPDF 11.130.045Effect of acceptance of appointment.
HTMLPDF 11.130.050Co-guardianCo-conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.055Judicial appointment of successor guardian or successor conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.060Effect of death, removal, or resignation of guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.065Notice of hearing generally.
HTMLPDF 11.130.070Waiver of notice.
HTMLPDF 11.130.075Guardian ad litem.
HTMLPDF 11.130.080Request for notice.
HTMLPDF 11.130.085Disclosure of bankruptcy or criminal history.
HTMLPDF 11.130.090Qualifications.
HTMLPDF 11.130.095Multiple nominations.
HTMLPDF 11.130.100Compensation and expensesIn general.
HTMLPDF 11.130.105Compensation of guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.110Liability of guardian or conservator for act of individual subject to guardianship or conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.115Petition after appointment for instruction or ratification.
HTMLPDF 11.130.120Third-party acceptance of authority of guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.125Use of agent by guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.130Temporary substitute guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.135Registration of order—Effect.
HTMLPDF 11.130.140Grievance or complaint against guardian or conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.145Delegation by parent.
HTMLPDF 11.130.150Ex parte communications—Removal.
HTMLPDF 11.130.155Registry for guardians ad litem and visitors.
HTMLPDF 11.130.160Guardianship/conservatorship summary.
HTMLPDF 11.130.165Guardianship/conservatorship courthouse facilitator program.
HTMLPDF 11.130.170Filing fee.
HTMLPDF 11.130.175Guardianships involving veterans.
HTMLPDF 11.130.180Construction—Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships—2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 11.130.185Basis for appointment of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.190Petition for appointment of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.195Notice of hearing for appointment of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.200Attorney for minor or parent.
HTMLPDF 11.130.205Attendance and participation at hearing for appointment of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.210Custody orders—Background information to be consulted.
HTMLPDF 11.130.215Order of appointment—Priority of nominee—Limited guardianship for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.220Standby guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.225Emergency guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.230Duties of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.235Powers of guardian for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.240Removal of guardian for minor—Termination of guardianship—Appointment of successor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.245Prior court order validity.
HTMLPDF 11.130.250Application of the Indian child welfare act.
HTMLPDF 11.130.255Child support.
HTMLPDF 11.130.257Temporary support, restraining, and protective ordersEffectSupport debts to state.
HTMLPDF 11.130.259Order for relocation.
HTMLPDF 11.130.260Health insurance coverageConditions.
HTMLPDF 11.130.265Basis for appointment of guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.270Petition for appointment of guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.275Notice of hearing for appointment of guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.280Appointment and role of court visitor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.285Appointment and role of attorney for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.290Professional evaluation.
HTMLPDF 11.130.295Attendance and rights at hearing.
HTMLPDF 11.130.300Confidentiality of records.
HTMLPDF 11.130.305Who may be guardian for adult—Order of priority.
HTMLPDF 11.130.310Order of appointment for guardian.
HTMLPDF 11.130.315Notice of order of appointment—Rights.
HTMLPDF 11.130.320Emergency guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.325Duties of guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.330Powers of guardian for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.335Special limitations on guardian's power.
HTMLPDF 11.130.340Guardian's plan.
HTMLPDF 11.130.345Guardian's reportMonitoring of guardianship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.350Removal of guardian for adultAppointment of successor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.355Termination or modification of guardianship for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.360Basis for appointment of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.365Petition for appointment of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.370Notice and hearing for appointment of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.375Order to preserve or apply property while proceeding pending.
HTMLPDF 11.130.380Appointment and role of court visitor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.385Appointment and role of attorney.
HTMLPDF 11.130.390Professional evaluation.
HTMLPDF 11.130.400Attendance and rights at hearing.
HTMLPDF 11.130.410Confidentiality of records.
HTMLPDF 11.130.415Who may be conservatorOrder of priority.
HTMLPDF 11.130.420Order of appointment of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.425Notice of order of appointmentRights.
HTMLPDF 11.130.430Emergency conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.435Powers of conservator requiring court approval.
HTMLPDF 11.130.440Petition for order after appointment.
HTMLPDF 11.130.445BondAlternative verified receipt.
HTMLPDF 11.130.500Terms and requirements of bond.
HTMLPDF 11.130.505Duties of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.510Conservator's plan.
HTMLPDF 11.130.515InventoryRecords.
HTMLPDF 11.130.520Administrative powers of conservator not requiring court approval.
HTMLPDF 11.130.525Distribution from conservatorship estate.
HTMLPDF 11.130.530Conservator's report and accountingMonitoring.
HTMLPDF 11.130.535Attempted transfer of property by individual subject to conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.540Transaction involving conflict of interest.
HTMLPDF 11.130.545Protection of person dealing with conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.547Access of conservator to certain assets.
HTMLPDF 11.130.550Death of individual subject to conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.555Presentation and allowance of claim.
HTMLPDF 11.130.560Personal liability of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.565Removal of conservatorAppointment of successor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.570Termination or modification of conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.575Transfer for benefit of minor without appointment of conservator.
HTMLPDF 11.130.580Authority for protective arrangement.
HTMLPDF 11.130.585Basis for protective arrangement instead of guardianship for adult.
HTMLPDF 11.130.590Basis for protective arrangement instead of conservatorship for adult or minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.595Petition for protective arrangement.
HTMLPDF 11.130.600Notice and hearing.
HTMLPDF 11.130.605Appointment and role of court visitor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.610Appointment and role of attorney.
HTMLPDF 11.130.615Professional evaluation.
HTMLPDF 11.130.620Attendance and rights at hearing.
HTMLPDF 11.130.625Notice of order.
HTMLPDF 11.130.630Confidentiality of records.
HTMLPDF 11.130.635Appointment of special agent.
HTMLPDF 11.130.640Use of forms.
HTMLPDF 11.130.645Petition for guardianship for minor.
HTMLPDF 11.130.650Petition for guardianship, conservatorship, or protective arrangement.
HTMLPDF 11.130.655Notification of rights for adult subject to guardianship or conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.657Notification of petition for guardianship or conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 11.130.660Letters of office.
HTMLPDF 11.130.665Guardianship/conservatorship summary.
HTMLPDF 11.130.670Certified professional guardianship boardGrievances.
HTMLPDF 11.130.700Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.130.705Purpose.
HTMLPDF 11.130.710Presumption of capacity.
HTMLPDF 11.130.715Scope.
HTMLPDF 11.130.720Authority of supporter.
HTMLPDF 11.130.725Term.
HTMLPDF 11.130.730Disqualification of supporter.
HTMLPDF 11.130.735Access of supporter to personal information.
HTMLPDF 11.130.740Execution of agreement.
HTMLPDF 11.130.745Form.
HTMLPDF 11.130.750Reliance on agreementLimitation of liability.
HTMLPDF 11.130.755Reporting of suspected abuse, abandonment, neglect, exploitation.
HTMLPDF 11.130.900Uniformity of application and construction.
HTMLPDF 11.130.905Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 11.130.910Applicability.
HTMLPDF 11.130.915Effective date2020 c 312; 2019 c 437.


Allowing child to work without permit, penalty: RCW 26.28.060.
Bank soliciting appointment as guardian, penalty: RCW 30A.04.260.
Costs against guardian of infant plaintiff: RCW 4.84.140.
Declaratory judgments: Chapter 7.24 RCW.
Eminent domain service of notice on guardian: RCW 8.04.020, 8.20.020.
Excise taxes, liability for, notice to department of revenue: RCW 82.32.240.
Habeas corpus, granting of writ to guardian: RCW 7.36.020.
Incapacitated person, appearance by guardian: RCW 4.08.060.
Industrial insurance benefits, appointment of guardian to manage: RCW 51.04.070.
Investments, authorized
housing authority bonds: RCW 35.82.220.
United States corporation bonds: RCW 39.60.010.
Jurors, challenge of, guardian and ward relationship ground for implied bias: RCW 4.44.180.
Limitation of actions by ward against guardian, recovery of real estate sold by guardian: RCW 4.16.070.
Mental illness, proceedings: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
Minor's personal service contracts, recovery by guardian barred: RCW 26.28.050.
Motor vehicle financial responsibility, release by injured minor executed by guardian: RCW 46.29.120.
Name, action for change ofFees: RCW 4.24.130.
Partition: Chapter 7.52 RCW.
Public assistance grants, appointment of guardian to receive: RCW 74.08.280, 74.12.250.
Real estate licenses, guardian exemption: RCW 18.85.151.
Savings and loan association, guardian may be member of: RCW 33.20.060.
Seduction, action for seduction of ward: RCW 4.24.020.
State hospital patients, superintendent custodian of estate: RCW 72.23.230.
Support and care of dependent child, liability of guardian, procedure, judgment: RCW 13.34.160, 13.34.161.
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