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Health insurance coverageConditions.

(1) In entering or modifying a custody order under this chapter, the court must require one or more parents to maintain or provide health insurance coverage for any dependent child if the following conditions are met:
(a) Health insurance that can be extended to cover the child is available to that parent through an employer or other organization; and
(b) The employer or other organization offering health insurance will contribute all or a part of the premium for coverage of the child.
(2) A parent who is required to extend insurance coverage to a child under this section is liable for any covered health care costs for which the parent receives direct payment from an insurer.
(3) This section may not be construed to limit the authority of the court to enter or modify support orders containing provisions for payment of medical expenses, medical costs, or insurance premiums which are in addition to and not inconsistent with this section. "Health insurance" as used in this section does not include medical assistance provided under chapter 74.09 RCW.
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