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Powers of guardian for minor.

(1) Except as otherwise limited by court order, a guardian of a minor has the powers a parent otherwise would have regarding the minor's support, care, education, health, safety, and welfare.
(2) Except as otherwise limited by court order, a guardian for a minor may:
(a) Apply for and receive funds and benefits otherwise payable for the support of the minor to the minor's parent, guardian, or custodian under a statutory system of benefits or insurance or any private contract, devise, trust, conservatorship, or custodianship;
(b) Unless inconsistent with a court order entitled to recognition in this state, take custody of the minor and establish the minor's place of dwelling in this state and, after following the process in RCW 26.09.405 through 26.09.560 and on authorization of the court, establish or move the minor's dwelling outside this state;
(c) If the minor is not subject to conservatorship, commence a proceeding, including an administrative proceeding, or take other appropriate action to compel a person to support the minor, pay child support, or make other payments for the benefit of the minor;
(d) Consent to health or other care, treatment, or service for the minor; or
(e) To the extent reasonable, delegate to the minor responsibility for a decision affecting the minor's well-being.
(3) The court may authorize a guardian for a minor to consent to the adoption of the minor if the minor does not have a parent.
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