Topical Index

Aircraft, electric or hybrid-electric for commercial travel: HB 1397
Behavioral health students, internships/supervision, grant program: HB 1668, SHB 1668
Bridge, additional Washington-Oregon, options for: HB 1835
Child care regulations, cost of, work group to study: HB 1392, SHB 1392, HB 2556
Commercial and treaty crab fishing gear, lost or damaged: SHB 1610
Commercial and treaty fisher's gear, lost or damaged: HB 1610
Commercial office space, tax incentives for developing: HB 1746, * SHB 1746, CH 273 (2019)
Contracting processes, local government public works: * ESSB 5418, CH 434 (2019) PV
Correctional system, women's specific programs and related matters: SSB 5876
Corrections, department of, data systems for offenders/jail interaction: SB 6308
Corrections, department of, workload study of community corrections division: HB 1280
Death with dignity act, barriers to full access, studying: HB 2419
Distributed energy, resources growth, utility capital expenditures due to: HB 1127
Educational service districts, employee health benefits and SEBB participation: HB 2096, * ESHB 2140, CH 411 (2019), SB 6020
Electric utility interstate organized energy market participation: SHB 1211, 2SHB 1211, SSB 5116
Electric vehicle adoption, by lower income residents, barriers to: HB 2042, SHB 2042, * E2SHB 2042, CH 287 (2019)
Electric vehicles, public agencies switching to: SHB 1832
Elk, agricultural land damage minimization: HB 2055
Evergreen promise pilot and Seattle promise programs, effectiveness of: SB 5884
Ferry service, passenger-only between Olympia and Seattle: SB 5157
Firearm background checks, single/full point of contact system, feasibility: HB 1949, * SHB 1949, CH 35 (2019)
Health security trust, Washington, benefits for injured workers under: HB 1104
Historical figure to represent Washington state, creating work group to study: SB 5237
Human genome editing, study committee to study: HB 2273
Imidacloprid use in shellfish beds to control burrowing shrimp: HB 1611, SB 5626
Inmates, involvement in postsecondary education before and after release: HB 2299
Irrigation district elections practices: * ESB 5453, CH 462 (2019)
Lenin, Vladimir, statute in Seattle of, replacing of, work group to study: HB 2120
Local governments' revenue capacity: HB 1008, SHB 1008
Low-carbon transportation network, transitioning to: HB 2042
Low-income drivers, discounted tolls and similar programs for: SHB 2068
Medical school graduates, international, barriers and assistance program: * 2SSB 5846, CH 329 (2019)
Medical school graduates, international, full use of: HB 2104, SB 5846, SSB 5846
Monument, global war on terror, service members who died in, feasibility study: SB 5712
Motion picture competitiveness program, as economic development tool: SB 5943
Natural disasters and resiliency activities, work group to study: HB 1040, SHB 1040, SB 5106, * SSB 5106, CH 388 (2019)
Orcas, southern resident, disturbance and noise impact: SHB 1580, 2SHB 1580
Personal data technology, office of privacy and data protection to study: SB 6281
Promise program, new Washington, effectiveness: HB 1123
Rail safety governance best practices, consultant study on: HB 2287
Refrigerants, low global warming potential: HB 1112, SHB 1112, * E2SHB 1112, CH 284 (2019), SB 5426, SSB 5426, 2SSB 5426
Renewable energy systems, studying in order to encourage: HB 1862, SB 5223, SSB 5223, * E2SSB 5223, CH 235 (2019)
School safety, first responder building mapping information system: HB 1216, SHB 1216, * 2SHB 1216, CH 333 (2019), SB 5317, SSB 5317, 2SSB 5317
State employees, electronic access to peer-reviewed journals: HB 1363, SB 5504
Store and forward technology: SSB 5385
Streambeds, human-caused disturbances, scientific literature review: HB 1404
Teachers, reprimands, review and expungement of: * E2SHB 1139, CH 295 (2019) PV
Traffic flow, on I-405 and SR-167, suspending toll lanes in order to study: SB 5856
Universal health care system, establishment in Washington: HB 1877, SB 5822, SSB 5822, 2SSB 5822
Unlawful detainer, proceedings, attorney representation of tenant: SB 5907, SSB 5907
Wage boards, eligible beneficiaries and covered intermediary employees: HB 1601
Wastewater discharges, illicit, from campers/RVs, studying impact of: HB 2507
Wild horse training/holding program at CRCC, studying feasibility of: HB 2579
Wildfires, 2014 Carlton complex/2015 Okanogan complex fires: HB 1941
Workers' boards, eligible beneficiaries and covered intermediary employees: SB 5690