Topical Index

Administrative actions by agencies, judicial review determinations without deference to agency's interpretations: HB 1207, SB 5374
Appeals, court of, creating and transferring board of tax appeals to tax division of: HB 2111, SB 5449, SSB 5449, 2SSB 5449
Bar association, repealing statutes establishing and regulating members of: HB 1772
Bar associations, mandatory, prohibiting through shifting of functions to supreme court, constitutional amendment: HJR 4207
District court, jurisdiction of, dollar amount threshold: HB 1248, ESHB 1248
District courts, civil and small claims filing fee surcharges, increasing for dispute resolution center funding: HB 2674, SHB 2674, SB 6448
District courts, civil jurisdiction, modifying claim value dollar amount threshold: HB 1328, * SB 5125, CH 260 (2015)
District courts, jury fees, authorizing: HB 2097
Family and juvenile court improvement program phase II, public-private initiative to fund: SHB 1734
Family court, proceedings, appointment of guardian ad litem for a child: SB 5823, SSB 5823
Foreign laws and systems, prohibiting enforcement when violating constitutional rights: HB 1246, SB 5192
Forensic mental health services, office of, establishing within DSHS: * 2E2SSB 5177, CH 7 (2015), SB 5792
Guardianship courthouse facilitator programs, county authority to create: * SB 5647, CH 295 (2015)
Indigent defense, determination of indigency: SB 5232
Judicial information system, court consultation before granting certain orders: HB 1617, * SHB 1617, CH 140 (2015), * HB 2371, CH 89 (2016), HB 2463, SB 6402
Jurors, prospective, elderly person's decision to be excused or remain prospective: HB 2550
Jury service, length of, superior courts and courts of limited jurisdiction: HB 1610, * SHB 1610, CH 7 (2015)
Limited jurisdiction, courts of, jury fees, authorizing: HB 2097
Municipal courts, jury fees, authorizing: HB 2097
Reporters, certified court, use in courts of record: * SHB 1111, CH 74 (2016)
Security, district and municipal courts, cities and counties to provide: HB 1028
Specialty or therapeutic courts, surety treatment bonds, authorizing use of: SB 6556
Superior courts, association of the superior court judges of the state of Washington, modifying name of: * HB 2587, CH 179 (2016), SB 6538
Superior courts, filing fee surcharge for dispute resolution center funding: HB 2674, SHB 2674, SB 6448
Superior courts, special inquiries, personal banking records, restricting judge's subpoena power: HB 2570
Superior courts, state office of, creating: SB 6317, ESSB 6317
Superior courts, state office of, creating oversight committee for: SB 6317, ESSB 6317
Supreme court, functions regarding law practice and justice to reside exclusively with, constitutional amendment: HJR 4207
Supreme court, justice Antonin Scalia, honoring the memory of: * SR 8725 (2016)
Supreme court, limiting justices to two four-year terms: HJR 4217
Supreme court, reducing number of justices: HB 2784
Therapeutic courts, encouraging establishment: HB 1305, * SB 5107, CH 291 (2015)
Therapeutic or specialty courts, surety treatment bonds, authorizing use of: SB 6556
Transcriptionists, authorized, use in courts of record: HB 1111, * SHB 1111, CH 74 (2016)
Video, court video testimony work group, establishment: * 2E2SSB 5177, CH 7 (2015)