International and national exchange programs.

Students who participate in any university-sponsored or sanctioned international or national study program shall observe the following rules and regulations:
(1) The laws of the host country and/or state;
(2) The academic and disciplinary regulations of the educational institution or residential housing program where the student is studying;
(3) Any other agreements related to the student's study program; and
(4) These standards of conduct for students.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 15-01-080, § 504-26-303, filed 12/15/14, effective 1/15/15; WSR 11-11-031, § 504-26-303, filed 5/11/11, effective 6/11/11; WSR 06-23-159, § 504-26-303, filed 11/22/06, effective 12/23/06.]
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