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Close Note: This page consolidates, and makes available electronically, reports to the Legislature from January 1, 2008 to date. These reports come from a variety of sources and the Legislature makes no claim as to the timeliness or comprehensiveness of the list. If you have or are aware of additional reports during this time frame, please send them to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives or the Secretary of the Senate.

Reports to the Legislature by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, and the State Auditor's Office can be accessed at:
JLARC: Audit and Study Reports
SAO: Reports
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Organization Name RCW Bill Exec. Order Report Title Report Date
Health Care Authority SSB 5147 (2017-18)  (10k) Service Coordination and Managed Care Performance Measure Report for 2018 (303k) 12/1/2018
Health, Department of 70.112.070 Family Medicine Residency Programs, 2018 Report (1009k) 11/30/2018
Social & Health Services, Department of 13.06.050 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Court Evidence-Based Programs, 2018 Report (1.3MB) 12/1/2018
Social & Health Services, Department of ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Compliance with RCW 71.05.365 Requirements to Tranisiton Patients into Community Settings within 14 Days of "Ready to Discharge" Determination (196k) 12/1/2018
Social & Health Services, Department of 13.40.540 Juvenile Court Block Grant Report for 2018 (888k) 11/30/2018
Social & Health Services, Department of ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Components of Residential Habitation Centers: Intermediate Care Facilities and State-Operated Nursing Facilities (3.4MB) 11/1/2018
Corrections, Department of ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) State Funded Programming Report for 2018 (620k) 12/1/2018
Health, Department of 18.225.800 Mental Health Providers Credential Renewals, 2018 Report (270k) 11/29/2018
Telehealth Collaborative, Washington State SSB 6399 (2017-18)  (18k) Telehealth Collaborative Report (515k) 12/1/2018
Military, Department of SHB 1258 (2017-18)  (24k) Travis Alert Act Project Task Force Report (195k) 11/30/2018
Ecology, Department of 90.50A.090 Implementing the Water Pollution Control Revolving Administration Account (518k) 11/30/2018
Natural Resources, Department of SB 5546 (2017-18)  (14k) Forest Health Assessment and Treatment Framework (35.9MB) 12/1/2018
Ecology, Department of 90.82.080 Statewide Progress on Setting Instream Flows, 2018 Report (774k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority 41.05.065 PEBB Health Benefit Plan: Cost and Utilization Trends, Demographics, and Impacts of Alternative Consumer-Directed Health Plan, 2018 Report (401k) 11/30/2018
Health Care Authority ESHB 2450 (2015-16)  (86k) Rural Health Access Preservation Pilot (1.2MB) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Single Platform Provider Credentialing System: Automated Provider Screening (229k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority 74.09.495 Access to Behavioral Health Services for Children, 2018 Report (719k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Jail Transition Services, 2018 Report (602k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority 71.24.850 Integrated Managed Care, Legislative Update (314k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Developing Clubhouse Programs (849k) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority SSB 6452 (2017-18)  (48k) Partnership Access Line: Recommendations for an Alternative Fundng Model and Non-Duplication (5.9MB) 12/1/2018
Health Care Authority ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Improve Access to Prevention and Treatment of Opiod Use Disorders (970k) 11/30/2018
Health Care Authority ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Enhancement of Primary Care Access for Medical Assistance Clients (361k) 12/1/2018
Insurance Commissioner, Office of the 48.150.100 Direct Health Care Practices in Washington State, 2018 Report (391k) 12/1/2018
Natural Resources, Department of ESHB 2928 (2015-16)  (26k) Forest Resiliency Burning Pilot Project (17.5MB) 12/1/2018
Natural Resources, Department of E2SHB 1711 (2017-18)  (80k) Forest Health Treatment Prioritization and Implementation on State Trust Lands in Eastern Washington (3.2MB) 12/1/2018
Natural Resources, Department of ESSB 6095 (2017-18)  (2.3MB) Trust Land Performance Assessments: Maximizing Opportunities (304k) 12/1/2018
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.300.490 Gangs in Schools Task Force, 2018 Update (792k) 12/1/2018
Public Works Board HB 1677 (2017-18)  (156k) Sync, Washington State's Infrastructure System Improvement Program (5.2MB) 12/1/2018
Transportation, Department of 47.66 Public Transportation Mobility Report for 2018 (2.4MB) 12/1/2018
Transportation, Department of 47.66.030 Regional Mobility Grant Program, 2019-2021 Prioritized List of Projects (696k) 12/1/2018
Washington SeaGrant ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Shellfish Production Best Management Practices Three-Year Study, Initial Report (153k) 12/1/2018
Commerce, Department of 43.155.070 Public Works Board, Fiscal Year 2018 Construction Loan List and Pre-construction Loans (1.5MB) 9/30/2018
Corrections, Department of 72.09.620 Extraordinary Medical Placement Report for 2017 (268k) 11/1/2018
Revenue 82.60.070 High Unemployment County Deferral Program Report (205k) 11/30/2018
Transportation, Department of ESSB 6106 (2017-18)  (1.5MB) Fund Transfers Report (TPA and CWA Accounts), July - September 2018 (87k) 11/20/2018
Transportation, Department of 35.58.2796 Transit Integration Report for 2018 (3.4MB) 11/1/2018
Transportation, Department of ESSB 6106 (2017-18)  (1.5MB) Pedestrian and Bicycle & Safe Routes to School Programs, 2019-2021 Prioritized List and Program Update (960k) 12/1/2018
Transportation, Department of 35.58.2796 Public Transportation 2017 Summary (37.2MB) 11/1/2018
Transportation, Department of 47.01.480 Implementing Practical Design Connecting Washington Project Title and Scope Change Request, November 28, 2018 (114k) 11/28/2018
Transportation, Department of ESSB 6106 (2017-18)  (1.5MB) Advancing Connecting Washington Projects, November 2018 (89k) 11/28/2018
Workforce Trainiing and Education Coordinating Board 2SSB 5285 (2017-18)  (26k) Outdoor Industry Jobs: A Ground Level Look at Opportunities in the Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Outdoor Recreation Sectors (1.6MB) 11/1/2018
Ecology, Department of 80.80.080 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Performance Standard, Periodic Review, 2018 (260k) 11/1/2018
Health, Department of 43.70.760 Healthy Pregnancy Advisory Committee Report on Strategies for Improving Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes (1.2MB) 11/1/2018
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of ESSB 6032 (2017-18)  (5.7MB) Washington State Assessment System, 2018 Report (1021k) 11/1/2018
Transportation, Department of 47.01.435 Pre-Apprentice Support Services and On-the-Job Training Support Services Program, 2018 Report (765k) 12/1/2018
Transportation, Department of ESB 5096 (2017-18)  (1.8MB) Capital Projects and Nickel/TPA/Connecting Washington Projects Quarterly Reports - 2017-2019 Biennium Quarter 5 ( (113k) 11/20/2018
Ecology, Department of ESSB 6106 (2017-18)  (1.5MB) Don't Drip and Drive Work Group Recommendations (2.5MB) 10/31/2018
Health Care Authority ESHB 3079 (2005-06)  (17k) Employment Status of Apple Health Care Clients and Non-Client Individuals with Dependents Who Are Apple Health Care Clients, Statewide Data for Calendar Year 2017 (1.1MB) 11/15/2018
Health Care Authority ESHB 1311 (2011-12)  (33k) Bree Collaborative Annual Report (810k) 11/15/2018

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