Chapter 2.36 RCW


Kinds of juries.
Juries in courts of limited jurisdiction.
Courts of limited jurisdictionPerformance of jury management activities by superior court authorized.
Jury source listMaster jury listCreation.
Jury source listJury assignment areasMaster jury listCompilation.
Expanded jury source listCourt rules.
Jury source listMaster jury listAdoption of rules for implementation of methodology and standards by agencies.
Compilation of jury source list, master jury list, and selection of jurors by electronic data processing.
Judges to ensure random selectionDescription of process.
Qualification of juror.
Determination of juror qualificationWritten or electronic declaration.
Selection of jurorsState policyExclusion on account of membership in a protected class or economic status prohibited.
Selection of jurorsLength and number of termsTime of service.
Summons to persons selected.
Excuse from serviceReasonsAssignment to another termSummons for additional serviceCertification of prior service.
Judge must excuse unfit person.
Additional names.
Juror expense paymentsReimbursement by statePilot projects.
Leave of absence from employment to be providedDenial of promotional opportunities prohibitedPenaltyCivil action.
Failure of juror to appearPenalty.
Grand juriesCriminal investigations: Chapter 10.27 RCW.
crimes relating to: Chapter 9.51 RCW.
in eminent domain proceedings: Title 8 RCW.
Jury trial, civil cases, challenging, procedure, etc.: Chapter 4.44 RCW.
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