Chapter 4.44 RCW


Notice of trialNote of issue.
Priority permitted for aged or ill parties in civil cases.
Proceedings in trial by courtFindings deemed verdict.
Findings and conclusions, how made.
Questions of law to be decided by court.
Questions of fact for jury.
Jury fee part of taxable costs.
Impanelling juryVoir dire, challenge for causeNumber.
ChallengesKind and number.
Peremptory challenges defined.
Challenges for cause defined.
General causes of challenge.
Particular causes of challenge.
Implied bias defined.
Challenge for actual bias.
Peremptory challenges, how taken.
Order of taking challenges.
Exceptions to challengesDetermination.
Challenge determination.
Challenge, exception, denial may be oral.
Oath of jurors.
View of premises by jury.
Admonitions to jurors.
Replacement juror procedure.
Care of jury while deliberating.
Expense of keeping jury.
Discharge of jury without verdict.
Effect of discharge of jury.
Court recess while jury is out.
Proceedings when jury have agreed.
Manner of giving verdict.
Number of jurors required to render verdict.
Jury may be polled.
General or special verdicts.
Verdict in action for specific personal property.
Inconsistency between special findings of fact and general verdict.
Jury to assess amount of recovery.
Receiving verdict and discharging jury.
Court may fix amount of bond in civil actions.
Deposits in courtOrder.
Deposits in courtEnforcement of order.
Deposits in courtCustody of money deposited.
District court, civil trial: Chapter 12.12 RCW.
crimes relating to: Chapter 9.51 RCW.
generally: Chapter 2.36 RCW.
Right to jury trial: RCW 4.48.010.
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