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Title 48 RCW



48.01Initial provisions.
48.02Insurance commissioner.
48.04Hearings and appeals.
48.05Insurers -- General requirements.
48.06Organization of domestic insurers.
48.07Domestic insurers -- Powers.
48.08Domestic stock insurers.
48.09Mutual insurers.
48.10Reciprocal insurers.
48.11Insuring powers.
48.12Assets and liabilities.
48.14Fees and taxes.
48.15Unauthorized insurers.
48.16Deposits of insurers.
48.17Insurance producers, title insurance agents, and adjusters.
48.18The insurance contract.
48.18AVariable contract act.
48.20Disability insurance.
48.21Group and blanket disability insurance.
48.21ADisability insurance -- Extended health.
48.22Casualty insurance.
48.23Life insurance and annuities.
48.23ALife insurance policy illustrations.
48.24Group life and annuities.
48.25Industrial life insurance.
48.25ALife insurance -- Profit-sharing, charter, founders, and coupon policies.
48.26Marine and transportation insurance (Reserved).
48.27Property insurance.
48.28Surety insurance.
48.29Title insurers.
48.30Unfair practices and frauds.
48.30AInsurance fraud.
48.31Mergers, rehabilitation, liquidation, supervision.
48.31BInsurer holding company act.
48.31CHolding company act for health care service contractors and health maintenance organizations.
48.32Washington insurance guaranty association act.
48.32AWashington life and disability insurance guaranty association act.
48.34Credit life insurance and credit accident and health insurance.
48.35Alien insurers.
48.36AFraternal benefit societies.
48.37Market conduct oversight.
48.38Charitable gift annuity business.
48.39Contracts between insurance carriers, health care providers, and third-party payors.
48.41Health insurance coverage access act.
48.42Personal coverage, general authority.
48.43Insurance reform.
48.44Health care services.
48.45Rural health care.
48.46Health maintenance organizations.
48.47Mandated health benefits.
48.50Insurance fraud reporting immunity act.
48.53Fire insurance -- Arson fraud reduction.
48.56Insurance premium finance company act.
48.58Riot reinsurance reimbursement.
48.62Local government insurance transactions.
48.64Affordable housing entities -- Joint self-insurance programs.
48.66Medicare supplemental health insurance act.
48.68Health care savings account act.
48.70Specified disease insurance act.
48.74Standard valuation law.
48.76Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance.
48.80Health care false claim act.
48.83Long-term care insurance coverage -- Standards.
48.84Long-term care insurance act.
48.85Washington long-term care partnership.
48.87Midwives and birthing centers -- Joint underwriting association.
48.88Day care services -- Joint underwriting association.
48.90Child day care centers -- Self-insurance.
48.92Liability risk retention.
48.94Reinsurance intermediary act.
48.97Producer-controlled property and casualty insurer act.
48.98Managing general agents act.
48.99Uniform insurers liquidation act.
48.102Life settlements act.
48.110Service contracts and protection product guarantees.
48.111Home heating fuel service contracts.
48.115Rental car insurance.
48.120Specialty producer licenses -- Portable electronics or services.
48.125Self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements.
48.130Interstate insurance product regulation compact.
48.135Insurance fraud program.
48.140Medical malpractice closed claim reporting.
48.150Direct patient-provider primary health care.
48.155Health care discount plan organization act.
48.160Guaranteed asset protection waivers.
48.164Excess flood insurance -- Joint underwriting association.
48.165Uniform administrative procedures -- Health care services.
48.170Self-service storage insurance producers.
48.175Personal vehicle sharing programs.

Administrative procedure act: Chapter 34.05 RCW.

   exemption from unemployment compensation: RCW 50.04.230.
   savings banks as: RCW 32.08.140, 32.08.160.
   state banks as: RCW 30.08.140.

Business license system exemption: RCW 19.02.800.

Children, expectant mothers, individuals with developmental disabilities, fire protection for agencies providing for, duties of chief of the Washington state patrol: RCW 74.15.050.

Community renewal: Chapter 35.81 RCW.

Consumer protection act: RCW 19.86.170.

Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.

Employee benefit plans
   payment as discharge: RCW 49.64.030.
   when private utility acquired: RCW 54.04.130.

False arrest insurance for city and county law enforcement personnel: RCW 35.23.460, 36.16.130.

False fire alarms, crime: RCW 9.40.100.

Federal bonds and notes as investment or collateral: Chapter 39.60 RCW.

Financial responsibility law: Chapter 46.29 RCW.

Fire protection district personnel -- Group life insurance: RCW 52.12.031.

Fireworks: Chapter 70.77 RCW.

Funeral service contracts: RCW 18.39.240 through 18.39.360.

General agents, fire, casualty, business and occupation tax: RCW 82.04.280.

Group insurance for public employees
   counties: RCW 36.32.400.
   fire protection districts: RCW 52.12.031.
   irrigation districts: RCW 87.03.160.
   port districts: RCW 53.08.170.
   public employees generally: Chapter 41.04 RCW.
   public utility districts: RCW 54.04.050.
   schools and colleges: RCW 28A.400.350, 28B.10.660.
   state employees: Chapter 41.04 RCW.
   Washington state patrol: RCW 48.24.090.

Insurance proceeds on lost, stolen, or destroyed property, exempt from execution: RCW 6.15.030.

Liability insurance for officials and employees
   cities: RCW 35.21.205.
   fire districts: RCW 52.12.071.
   irrigation districts: RCW 87.03.162.
   port districts: RCW 53.08.205.
   public utility districts: RCW 54.16.095.
   school districts: RCW 28A.400.360.
   towns: RCW 35.21.205.
   water-sewer districts: RCW 57.08.105.

Lien of employees for contribution to benefit plans: Chapter 60.76 RCW.

Malpractice insurance for retired physicians providing health care services: RCW 43.70.460.

Motor vehicles, financial responsibility: Chapter 46.29 RCW.

Nonadmitted foreign corporations -- Powers relative to secured interests: Chapter 23B.18 RCW.

Officers, employees, etc.
   of institutions of higher education and educational boards, insurance to protect and hold personally harmless: RCW 28B.10.840, 28B.10.844.
   of school districts or educational service districts, insurance to protect and hold personally harmless: RCW 28A.320.060.

Parents -- Children
   actions by parents for death or injury to child: RCW 4.24.010.
   liability of parents for malicious destruction of property by child: RCW 4.24.190.

Pesticide applicators -- Surety bond, liability insurance: Chapter 17.21 RCW.

Principal and income act of 2002: Chapter 11.104A RCW.

Schools and colleges, employee insurance programs: RCW 28A.400.350, 28B.10.660.

Sureties -- Release of, from liability upon bonds: RCW 19.72.109, 19.72.110, 19.72.130.

   business and occupation tax
         fraternal benefit society exemption: RCW 82.04.370.
         insurance exemption: RCW 82.04.320.
   personal property tax -- Insurer liable for where insured premises destroyed by fire: RCW 84.56.220.

Trusts for employee benefits, duration: Chapter 49.64 RCW.

Washington principal and income act of 2002: Chapter 11.104A RCW.