Chapter 48.15 RCW
Solicitation by unauthorized insurer prohibitedPersonal liability.
Unauthorized activitiesActs committed in this stateSanctions.
Application of other chapters to surplus line brokers.
Validity of contracts illegally effectuated.
National databaseSurplus line brokers.
"Surplus line" coverage.
Diligent effort requirementExempt commercial purchaser.
Endorsement of contract.
Validity of contracts.
Surplus line brokersLicensingBondRenewal.
Nonresident surplus line brokersLicensingReciprocityService of process.
Licensed surplus line broker may accept business.
Liability of insurer assuming direct risk.
Solvent insurer requiredRules.
Record of surplus line broker.
Use of business namePlace of businessDuties of surplus line broker.
Broker's annual statement.
Premium taxSurplus lines.
Penalty for default.
Revocation, suspension, or failure to renew surplus line broker's licenseCivil penalty.
Suspension for failure to comply with support order.
Legal process against surplus line insurer.
Exemptions from surplus line requirements.
Records of insuredsInspection.
Surplus line broker's fiduciary capacityViolations.
Determination of qualifications and competence by stateUnlawful use of questions.
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