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SR 8657 - 2011-12
Recognizing the efforts of those who advocate on behalf of shaken baby syndrome victims and encouraging victim remembrance.
Sponsors: Regala, Eide, Brown, Fraser, Shin, Hatfield, Hargrove, Sheldon, Murray, Prentice, Baxter, Swecker, Harper, Nelson, Tom, Haugen, Keiser, Conway, Kohl-Welles, Benton, McAuliffe, Chase, Kline, Carrell, Stevens, Parlette, Kilmer, Hobbs, Ranker, Rockefeller, White, Roach, Hill, Morton, Pflug, Fain, Holmquist Newbry, Becker, Honeyford, Litzow, Ericksen, Zarelli, Schoesler, King
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Apr 18
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